Children Learning and Play Daycare II Inc. -Our Mission is to be a leader in providing high quality early childhood care and education services for children, family, and communities, from ages 2 years through 12 years of age.

Our commitment is:

  • Safe, nurturing, and inclusive learning environments
  • High Standards of professionalism and practice
  • Resource, support and opportunities

It is our goal to produce highly esteemed students who grow into lifelong learners. Through a caring, nurturing, safe environment, the staff of the children is making their preschool experience a positive first impression of formal education. Programming encourages exploratory and discovery, interactive developmental choices and provides age-appropriate curriculum in which children are active participants. It is Children Learn and Play Daycare II contention to develop the whole child, regardless of race, creed, color, religious, persuasion, economic or social/physical disabilities.

Children Learn and Play Daycare II was founded upon principle philosophy that children need an environment which allows them to play freely as well as learn the basic skills necessary for later school success. By providing a liberal curriculum, sage and sanitized environment and an array of age appropriate materials, the program allows the children to explore and discover freely. Our caring capable instructors help guile the exploratory process to ensure the child’s proper development and the indoctrination of a collage bound mindset at the preschool level.

Since preschool is a child’s first formal impression of education, research has proven the importance of a positive preschool experience. Brain development begins during infancy and the brain is most malleable at the preschool level. It is Children Learn and Play Daycare II commitment to its students is to assist them in graduating from preschoolers to prescholars.

By incorporating the influences of the parents, community, government and private industry, Children Learn and Play Daycare II continually seeks the most current research in early childhood development. By staying current in research, the children in our care are the direct beneficiaries. The entire staff attends the industry conferences and various training to ensure continued staffed development. This is to better serve our students and families.

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