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We believe that good childcare depends upon consistent caregiving in a home-like atmosphere. Children grow and learn best in a safe environment that provides opportunities to explore, create and communicate with other children and adults. These groups function independently but cooperatively, following routines appropriate to individual needs. The program is designed to be inclusive of all children, including those with identified disabilities and special learning and developmental needs. The Center’s program is designed to include both planned and spontaneous activities in response to children’s interests. Experiences with music, movement, art, language and building are incorporated into daily plans. Regularly scheduled snacks and meals, rest time, indoor and outdoor play and routines in physical caregiving promotes the child’s health, comfort and ability to care for his/herself. There is maximum flexibility for the children as a group and as individuals. Children are encouraged to develop a positive self-image, to learn inner controls and to cooperate with peers and caregivers. Clearly defined limits help them recognize and accept their emotions and express their feelings as they grow and feel secure in the world around them.



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CLAPD builds a positive relationships with our families by being familiar with their unique characteristics, strengths and issues important to each of them. To develop partnerships with the families we create a welcoming environment and opportunities for involvement. Our center gathers information during the enrollment process by asking parents’ questions and collecting the following items: enrollment form, health history, children and family background information. All the data is kept strictly confidential in the child’s file and kept locked in the director’s office. CLAPD only releases your information under your authorization. In addition, we schedule visit days to meet the family members and create a smooth transition for the enrolled child. Our center has an open-door policy. Parents and family members are always welcomed. Our friendly entranceway provides an attractive and cozy area for families to ease transitional times. Each family is provided with the labeled mailbox for program communications and below there are easily accessible parenting resources.









In addition to conferences and assessments, there are many ways to keep you knowledgeable about what is happening in your child’s classroom.


  • Daily or weekly bulletins
  • Newsletters
  • Telephone calls
  • Texts
  • Notices
  • Articles of interest, community resources, and relevant websites



Address: 6512 s HALSTED ST

Phone: 773-966-7162

Fax: 773-966-7168






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